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May Month Important Dates


                                           May month DatesMay - Dates

May 1 :☛ International labour day / May day [ Establishment of the international labour organization in Geneva in 1919. It was created by UNO special representative in 1946. The Noble prize has awarded to (ILO) in 1969.]

May 3:☛ World press freedom Day.[ The World Day is celebrated on Freedom Day on May 3 .The magazine will hold the day to defend the freedom of media and basic principles, to protect the media from attacks on their freedom.In 1991, the UN General Assembly adopted the Freedom Day in December 1993, under UNESCO recommendation. On May 3, the magazine’s Freedom Day is held worldwide. ]

May 3 :☛ International  SUN Day /International Asthma Day / International Energy Day.

M – 5:☛ World Athletics Day.

May  8:☛ world red cross day/ red crescent day [ Redcross  founded by Henri dunaut in 1863  Geneva. He has a first noble peace prize awarded 1901.]

May 2nd Sunday – Mothers Day.mother's day

M-11:☛ National philosophers day [ Aadi shankara chary Birth Ceremony ]

May 12:☛ International Nurse day [ ” Nursing a voice to lead – achieving the sustainable development goals ” The theme of 2017 year in nursing day. Florence nightingale birthday (1820 May 12) celebration is a day of international nurses to bring honor and hobby to a key nurse in the medical field ]

May15:☛ International Family day [This day celebrating from since 1994. Declared by UNO.]

May 16 :☛ Rashtriya Gaurav Divas.

M 17:☛ World Telecom day.

May 18:☛ World museum day.

M – 21: world different cultures day And International Anti – Terrorist day.

May 22:☛ World Biodiversity Day [ This day Celebrating from  2000. This Day  has Declared by UNO.]

M  24: Commonwealth Day

May 29 :☛ Everest Day.[ Edmond Hillary ( Newzeland ), Tensing narke (Nepal)  They hiked the mount Everest on 1953 May 29, In this day was celebrate Everest day. ]

M 31:☛ International Anti – Tobacco day.

May 1st Sunday – world laughs day

M  2nd Saturday – world freedom trade day

May 2nd Sunday – mothers day


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