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New Mac Features In Windows


New Mac Features In Windows..

Mac system

The  Apple computers are interesting. Providing  Advantageous  facilities that are not in Windows systems. Adding these software to your laptop or computer can get Rocking Mac features on Windows.

Advantage Of This..

On search folders when the Mac will load faster. This process is delayed in Windows. In order to avoid this difficulty, the system settings are slightly modified.  Right-click on the mouse on the folder and go to the ‘Customize’ option. Asks what will be done in that folder. There are options such as Photos, Videos, Documents and Music. You have to choose what you want. You can get the results as quickly as possible after search.

System For Screen Shot

Windows system for screen shot … Click on the Print Screen button on the keyboard. Then go to the Photoshop or paint and paste it into the paint. In the same Mac we can take a screen shot to the desired part. Installing Lightshot software on Windows can take a Mac-style screen shot. After installing this app, click on the Print Screen button as always. Then the screen will turn black. You can select the desired part and take the screen shot. Instead of the Print Screen button, you can choose from other buttons like Control, Alt.

Change The Name

folder or file name on the windows operating system. Right click the mouse on it and enter the rename option and give the desired name. In the same Mac system you can easily change that folder / file and click on the Enter button. There is a similar facility in a windows based computer. Select the file or folder to rename and click the F2 button on the keyboard. You can then choose the name you want.

Reduce The Size

a photo size, reducing the recharge … open it in the software like Photoshop. The same 50 photos will take a long time. The Mac has a automated facility. This will change the size of all the photos simultaneously. Choosing all of the options you will have in the desired size, resolution, format and process the photos will change. To use this feature on a Windows computer, you need to install Image Resizer.

Write Any Where

On the bus coming to the office … Upon coming to the office, I took the iPad and continued to write about it. Apple’s Mobiles have a note of sink option and can be used anywhere. There are also some third party apps available in Windows. Google Keep and OpenOffice apps can be opened on mobile. Then open the websites in the system and continue your writing.


The files and software on Apple computers to find the Spot Light option. You can also go to this tab and search the Internet search, along with the system search. This facility comes with Windows 8 and 10 OS based computers. Windows 7 powered devices can also get this type of comfort. All you have to do is install WX software on the system. If you open this software, the search bar appears on the screen. It can be used as a spotlight.

Move Easily

computer uses a browser and word document simultaneously. Scrolling the active (above) software when the mouse scrolls the ball. That means that both the software is accessible. For instance, if the browser is on the back-up document, the above browser scrolls the page. To access the Word document, click on it with the mouse. If you do not click on the same Apple systems, you can scroll through the mouse hover (if the cursor is on that software). You need to install the KatMouse  software in Windows.

Rocket Dock Task Bar..

windows applications that are minimized applications and software come in the task bar at the bottom. On the same Mac computers, the dock comes into the tray. The mechanism that looks like the dock is that the style of work is different. To get a Dock option on Windows computers, you need to install RocketDock software on your system. Once you’ve opened it … you can choose which software and folders to appear in. It can also change the way it looks.

One System Two Desk Tops

can create user accounts beyond one of the Windows systems. On the same Mac computers, however, one can set up desktops. Because of this, Can be used as three computers. You need to install Dexpot software to get this option on Windows Computer. Once the system is installed on the system the screen splits into four screens. Each screen is a computer desktop. Each screen saver can be accessed per application, each of which can be accessed.

Corner Option

Cursor on the Apple computer will click on the corner of the screen, then the open-ended application windows will be all minimized. Clicking on another corner will go into the system standby mode. This can be done through the Corners option. It takes a lot of time to minimize each window in the Windows system.

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