Meaning Of Colors




Colors have vibrations colors can affect our moods. We have colors in  our Auras that tell how we are feeling inside whether we are happy or sad.

  • Our body’s Aura can have many different colors. It also has a main color that is brighter than the rest. When the color of our clothes we wear blend or match the main color.
  • Our Aura, then we usually feel very good about what we are wearing.
  • When the color of our clothes clash with the main color of our Aura then we don’t quite feel right about what we’re wearing and we usually end up changing our clothes.
  • What is your favorite color? Your favorite color most always is the main color of your Aura too.
  • Colors energy. It can also mean that you get angry easily.

  Means that you are usually healthy happy and friendly.

 PINK  shows what you are SHY.

GREEN  Means that you have a strong ability to heal. It means that you like helping others. Most Doctors and Nurses have much bright green in their auras.

YELLOW  Means that you are usually healthy, happy and friendly.

RED   Means that you have a lot of energy. It can also mean that you get angry very easily.

BLUE  Means that you are very kind and are a good person. This means that you’re thoughtful and caring.

PURPLE   Means that you try to live a life close to God’s Laws.

GRAY   Shows that your physical body is not well or that you are not thinking right.

BROWN  Mean that you are down – to- earth. It also can mean  that you don’t always think positive.

WHITE  It the very best color of all. It means that you have a pure heart and spirit.

Color may be a sort of non verbal communication. it’s not a static energy and its which means will amendment from sooner or later to subsequent with somebody – it all depends on what energy they’re expressing at that time in time.

For example, someone could value {more highly to|favor to|opt to} wear red on a selected day and this could indicate anyone or more of the psychological meanings of the colour red, together with the following:

  • this is their favorite color,
  • it may be that they’re able to take action in how,
  •  they may be obsessed with what they’re getting to be doing that day, or
  • it may mean that they’re feeling angry that day, on either a acutely aware or subconscious level.
    All area unit among the traits of the colour red.



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