New Mac Features In Windows

Mac systems

New Mac Features In Windows.. The  Apple computers are interesting. Providing  Advantageous  facilities that are not in Windows systems. Adding these software to your laptop or computer can get Rocking Mac features on Windows. Advantage Of This.. On search folders when the Mac will load faster. This process is delayed in Windows. In order to Continue reading New Mac Features In Windows

Latest Mobile Phones

Two cameras ‘note’ Samsung will be launching a new ‘Note’ mobile with a six inch touch screen. There are some specifications related to the ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 8’ screen that has a 6.3 inch touch screen. There are 12 MP and 13 MP cameras behind. They work with dual photodiode with wide angle CIS support. 3 x optical zoom. The Continue reading Latest Mobile Phones

Basic Computer Terminology


 Assembly language : It a slow level of language which uses mnemonic statements to generate  machine code. It is typified by its speed of execution small executable file, size. They are hardware specific and therefore programme written on one particular machine may not work on another. Association for women in computing [AWC] : A professional Continue reading Basic Computer Terminology