April Month Important Dates

April Dates

                                   April Month Dates April 1☛ Fools Day & All Fools Day. [ from the 19th century it was mainly used by news papers  and  television Carrier. Who were in Rome at the start Of ] April 5☛ Samatha Diwas Continue reading April Month Important Dates

May Month Important Dates

May Dates

                                           May month Dates May 1 :☛ International labour day / May day [ Establishment of the international labour organization in Geneva in 1919. It was created by UNO special representative in 1946. The Noble Continue reading May Month Important Dates

February Month Important Days

February days

February Month important days February 1:☛ National coast guard day , Feb 2 :☛ world wetland day { The world wetland day was first held in 1997 in the city of ramsagar in Iran} Feb 4 :☛  { The world cancer day was set up by union for international cancer control [UICC] in February 04,2006, The Continue reading February Month Important Days

January Month Important Dates With Explanations

january month dates

    January Month Important Dates With Explanations Most of the compititive exams asking from dates . So typically|this can be} often the important for all competitive examinations .you will be able to take any exam minimum two or three quetions asked from this dates topic so aspirants specialise in this small topic you will be able Continue reading January Month Important Dates With Explanations