April Dates

April Month Important Dates


                                   April Month Dates

April Dates

April 1☛ Fools Day & All Fools Day. [ from the 19th century it was mainly used by news papers  and  television Carrier. Who were in Rome at the start Of ]

April 5☛ Samatha Diwas [ Babu Jagjivan Ram Birth Ceremony   – April, 1908 – 1986 July 06 ]

April  7 ☛ World health day [ World Health Organization  Established on April 7,1948 in Geneva, Switzerland. World Health Day  is Celebrating from 1948. ]

April 10☛ World Homeopathy Day. [ Shamyul Hanison Birth Ceremony  ( Father Of Homeopathy ]

A – 12  ☛ Wold Aviation and Space travel Day.

April 13 Jalian WalaBagh Day [ On April 13,1919 at the Jalian Wala  Bagh in Amritsar, Punjab. (1000 ) Indian’s were Killed by the British . Rabindranath Tagore Rejected his Sir knighthood Title by protesting this incident.

April 14☛  Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Bith Ceremony [ April 14,1891 – December 6, 1956 ]

April 16☛ Indian Railway Day.

A -17 ☛  World Homeophilia Day.

April 18☛   World Heritage Day [ World Heritage  Day  Organized On April 18,1982 by the International council on manyument and skets (ICOMOS)  in Tunisia. Which  approved by  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) In 1983. ]

April 20 ☛ World Orphans Day.

A – 21  ☛ Civil Services Day.

April 22 ☛ Earth Day [ UNESCO  1970 it was celebrate world heritage day is part of Environmental protection .]

April 23 ☛ World Book and Copyrights Day. And world English Language Day. [ William Shakespeare Birth ceremony.]

April 24☛  National Panchayat Raj Day [National Panchayat Raj Day is celebrated on April 24th across the country. This day is celebrated as the mark of the 1992 Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, effective April 24, 1993.Panchayat Raj has been appointed by Panchayats of Village, Intermediate and District level through this amendment.This is a disenchanted event in history with decentralized political power decentralization.On the Day, Grama Panchayats and Grama Samhas are best honored with Panchayat Shakti Award and Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Sabha Award ]

April 25☛  World Malaria Day. [ “END MALARIA FOR GOOD “The World Malaria Day celebrated with this theme. The day is to mark global efforts to control malaria.This day is being held to highlight the need for continuing investments and continuous political commitment for malaria control and its disposal.]

April 26 ☛  Chernobyl Day [  31 killed in the nuclear reactor accident in the pripyat  city of Ukraine on April 26, 1986.]

A – 27 ☛ World Design Day.

A – 29☛  World Dance Day.

April 30 ☛ Anti-Child Labor  Day.



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